Ariel, a female spaniel puppy born with six legs, was found abandoned in a parking lot and taken to an animal rescue.

Ariel's extra legs are attached to her pelvis and are not fully formed. She also has other anomalies, including the beginnings of an additional vulva and a pelvis that has not formed properly.

Despite her physical differences, Ariel is a healthy and playful puppy. She is able to walk and run without any difficulty.

The veterinarians at the animal rescue are evaluating Ariel to determine the best course of treatment. They may recommend surgery to remove her extra limbs, but they are still waiting to see how she develops.

the animal rescue personnel is committed to locating ariel a loving domestic. They're assured that she will make a tremendous companion for someone.

ariel is a candy and affectionate pup. She likes to cuddle and play.

ariel is a happy and resilient doggy. She isn't always letting her bodily variations stop her from playing existence.

ariel is getting along properly with the other dogs at the animal rescue. She is a social and playful puppy

Ariel has found a loving home! She is now living with a family who loves her unconditionally

ariel is happy and thriving in her new domestic. She is loved and cherished by her new circle of relatives.