Pixel 8 phone

Google Pixel 8 release date, price, specs, colors, and latest news

Pixel 8 release date

Releasing October 12, 2023

Starting at $699

Pixel 8 price

Tensor G3 chip, 50MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, 10.5MP selfie camera, 6.7-inch display

Pixel 8 specs

Rose, Hazel, Obsidian

Pixel 8 colors

New Night Sight Video and Video Boost technology for improved HDR recordings

cPixel 8 latest news

 Stunning photos and videos in any light

 Pixel 8 photo sample

All-day battery life with Fast Charging

Pixel 8 battery life

Secure and up-to-date with Google Tensor security chip

Pixel 8 security