high on knife is the primary dlc for the comedy first-man or woman shooter high on lifestyles. It brings a brand new area to explore, new enemies to fight, and new weapons to use.

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the new chainsaw capability is a lot of a laugh to apply, and it makes knifey experience even more effective. It is also beneficial for solving puzzles and exploring the brand new region.

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he new knifehead enemies are hard but truthful to fight. They have got a ramification of assaults, so that you need to be to your feet.

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knifey mcknifeface is a new man or woman who's added inside the dlc. He's a hilarious and beneficial best friend, and he fast becomes one of the exceptional parts of the sport.


the brand new place within the dlc is stunning and nicely-designed. There is plenty to discover, and there are plenty of secrets to find

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the brand new boss fight inside the dlc is challenging and amusing. It is a fitting climax to the dlc, and it's positive to depart you with a smile to your face.

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typical, excessive on knife is a terrific dlc that adds new content material to excessive on lifestyles with out taking faraway from what made the sport high-quality in the first place. It's a have to-have for lovers of the sport.