useless grass is brown and dry, at the same time as dormant grass is inexperienced however has stopped developing. It's vital to recognise the difference so that you do not waste water on a dead garden.

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dead grass blades are brittle and damage effortlessly. Dormant grass blades are bendy and bend without breaking.

ormant grass is normally resulting from bloodless weather, drought, or lack of daylight. It'll resume developing while situations improve.

 watering a dormant lawn is a waste of water. The grass might not absorb it and the water will simply evaporate.

 raking dormant grass can assist to remove lifeless leaves and stems and inspire new growth.

fertilizing a dormant garden can help to enhance the soil and inspire new boom whilst the grass resumes developing.

 it is k to mow a dormant lawn, however make certain to elevate the mower blade to its highest setting.